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We at FAE Limited are thrilled to introduce ourselves as the largest manufacturer of envelopes in Nigeria. We have been manufacturing envelopes for over 40 years having the distinct advantage of economies of scale in the industry; with an array of sophisticated machines.

With the high rate of THEFT, FRAUD, INSECURITY OF VALUABLE DOCUMENTS, abuse of trust that has taken over most organisations, FAE LTD came up with an irresistible security envelope solution in solving this challenge by producing tamper proof/tear resistance envelopes now in Nigeria.



This envelope, has a feature with tamper indicating panels once flaps are opened,

the word “OPENED” appear in red and cannot be concealed or covered up to hide evidence of tampering. When opened, the envelope says “OPENED” in red across the flap. Once sealed, these envelopes cannot open without showing evidence of being opened.



Raw material used to produce these special envelopes has superior toughness and durability compared to heavy kraft paper/white paper with high-strength materials used to produce other envelopes and packaging. These envelopes are very strong, water-resistance, moisture- resistance which makes this envelope extremely tough to be ripped or punctured. They are envelopes designed to seal tightly and aggressively to match the tear resistance and its also lights in weight that saves postage cost.

When you need security, look no further than FAE Tamper Proof/Tear Resistance Envelopes.


Great for:

-ATM cards Manufacturing company

-Courier companies

-Security Vaults owners.

-Examination bodies. (Protection for their collated answer sheets/question papers)

-Insurance Company(s)

-Credit Bureau

-Law Offices

-Accounts/ Audit Firms

-Security Voting Election Envelopes (bar coded) TAMPER PROOF BAG ENVELOPES BAR CODED provides voting booths and pooling locations with convenient and secure solutions for protecting election ballots during the storage and transportation.

-Financial Institutions/Banks

-Postal Agencies

-Security and Exchange Commission

-Company Shares Registration Centres


Material Type



  • Box of 500 pieces


  • 12 inches x 10 inches

Other Features

  • Tamper proof envelopes
  • Opens on the longer edge (Landscape)
  • Stronger than other normal envelopes
  • Security stripe
  • Water resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Packed for convenience

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg


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