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We at FAE Limited are thrilled to introduce ourselves as the largest manufacturer of envelopes in Nigeria. We have been manufacturing envelopes for over 40 years having the distinct advantage of economies of scale in the industry; with an array of sophisticated machines.

Today’s business is to understand who you are? What you stand for as a brand. Do not be everything to everyone. Create your own class be different! That was why FAE LTD came up with an irresistible First-Class Envelopes and letterhead to match with security centered watermark conveys style, professionalism and also state of the art of production.

FIRST CLASS is a comprehensive range of premium Envelopes & Letterhead to match with a selection of machine laid and embossed surfaces that combine a long tradition of one papers made with modern design and paper making technology at its best. First class envelopes say a lot about you, your business and your personality. It helps to attract attention in a positive way.

It is worthy to note that there is already one popular laid surface in the market but the uniqueness of First class is that, it has standout selection choice of five (5) different embossing surfaces of various colours. 

  1. First Class Luxury-“wood grain surface” texture and appearance of wood fibres grains created when some cells grow from the centre of a tree.
  1. First Class Elite- “Textile Linen Surface” textile made of linen are valued for exceptional coolness and freshness historically made almost exclusively of linen.
  1. Fist Class Premium- “Onion Wrinkle Surface” thin, wrinkled paper surface resembling crepe.
  1. First Class Laid Extra- “Expansive Ridges Surface” a linear expansivity of paper art parameter more pronounced than natural laid.
  1. First Class Laid- “Ribbed Texture Surface” laid paper is the predominant kind of paper already in the market.

On a final note, First Class is highly recommended for the crème de la crème Chairmen of companies, CEOs, high profile Politicians, big business men and women that Prefer classical elegance.

Material Type

  • 100gsm Embossed
  • Luxury/Wood Paper


  • Ream of 500 sheets
  • A carton of 5reams


  • A4 Letterhead 

Other Feature

  • Its First Class Envelopes
  • Premium envelopes
  • Pack 500 sheet
  • has security watermarked logo
  • Has an envelopes to match with
  • Its Laid Brilliant white 

Packed for convenience

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


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